Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2 years after breaking my ankle & surgery

Two years after my injury & repair this is the real story. It is true that my left ankle does not feel the same as my right ankle. It is slightly stiff, especially if I don't stretch everyday. I have learned that working out each week with weights doing squats & lots of jumping on my bad ankle does help. It's not pleasant & I suppose I wish that I had done this earlier; but you really have to work the ankle to make it hurt less & be more flexible. I have patients who have not worked their injured ankle (or other extremity) & find it to be frozen & stiff. If there is one thing that I can offer to you, who have unfortunately suffered such an injury, is that you have to step it up a notch & really work it to make it less stiff & perhaps, prevent arthritis. I skied Jay Peak last weekend & felt really good - I actually felt that my left (injured) leg was stronger than my other (right) leg. Recover depends on so many things - PT, massage, acupuncture, laser, basically working your ankle like the other one. But when you feel stronger, you have to add weights & so some strength training - not to be an athlete, but to feel less stiff & stronger.


  1. This is really very true. I'm now six-months post ORIF surgery, and can really feel the improvement in my strength and stability on the operated ankle. In fact, because of my PT and daily exercises at home, I feel more stability on that side than I ever had prior to the accident! (I had vestibular issues I never attended to; that had nothing to do with breaking my ankle but I really should have done vestibular rehab years ago.)

    It's very true that you have to kick up the PT a notch everytime you re-acquire a skill or more range of motion. Otherwise the recovery just gets to a certain point, then stops. That's not enough. Keep challenging yourself!

  2. Hi,

    Just had foot surgery to correct a Morton's foot deformity on 02/15/2012 and came across your blog while laid up in my apt. (I live in a 3-story walk up so I really am a temp shut-in).

    Anyhoo, appreciate your blog and you might want to check mine out (http://heartseamonkeys.blogspot.com/).

    You're totally right about feeling cut off from people, and in fact, a whole city when you're laid up with a foot or leg injury and on crutches. I've decided crutches are just the most limiting, awkward form of mobility around. I think they were invented for very slim men with a lot of upper-body strength who just never got tired crutching around. :)

    Thanks, -- M.

  3. Thank you, this helps me so much!! I am a yr post ankle surgery (w/ a plate a 3 screws left after the 2 stabilizing ones were removed) and have been trying to workout this occasional stiffness. At 1st I thought it was just the weather, but in this very humid 80 degree NC summer I have no excuse.

    I was already thinking I needed to exercise more (but have been lazy!), but seeing this tells me I need to push b/c I want this ankle stronger - not to mention I miss heels!! Wedges work but sometimes a killer pump is perfect!! Keep getting stronger and thank you again. ;)

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  5. Thanks so much for sharing! I am 10 months post bimalleolar fracture (2 surgeries- one 10 months back and 2nd 8 months back)- 6 screws and a plate. We recently visited Europe and I walked for 8 to 9 miles one of the days, and since then my ankle is flaring up often- occasional stiffness, pain or swelling . I think I just need to judge how much to push. I used to swim and that helped a lot- so I need to get back to swimming, biking and weights. I plan to start yoga too- hopefully that will help. This is definitely a journey. I wait for the day when I wake up and don't think of my ankle- not sure if that will happen- but I will try my best:)

  6. I smashed up my ankle almost 5 years ago and can't believe how much time has passed. At the time I wondered if I would ever be better again. I still experience a lot of pain and stiffness and agree that exercise makes it better, although I have to say that, while it feels a lot better WHILE I'm exercising, the next day (sometimes two) is hell and I get up and limp for the first 10 minutes. I'm going to try acupuncture in the new year and see how I get on. My sister is a masseuse and has promised to have a look at it and see if she can do anything.

  7. I broke my ankle about four years ago, sadly during the summer. Had to have two cute screws installed just for falling down six stairs. I do a lot of walking and I'm a waitress but the pain is unbearable some times. I used to wear my walking boot for work when it was really bad. Now that it's winter it hurts even more. My boyfriend helps me bend it around and he massages it as much as he can without hurting me but it's still pretty bad. Is there any way I can help it more? And if anyone knows any good ways of getting rid of scars this old, that would be awesome too. I tried vitamin e oil but that didn't work and made my skin break out (I have really sensitive skin, have to use baby lotion and washes) and I've been trying this scar cream but that's not really working either.